Admission to Nursery

Starting at Nursery School is obviously a big step in a child’s life and the way in which a child responds will vary. Some will feel at home immediately, whereas for others it may take some time until they feel comfortable. We therefore encourage parents and carers to stay with their child, if necessary, until they feel confident in their new environment, we also encourage the use of comforters such as blankets and favourite toy until such time the child feels able to attend without them.

We accept children who are still in nappies, for those children who are potty training, a potty is provided and a member of staff will take them at regular intervals. We do require parents to provide spare nappies, wipes and clothing. We keep a record of all nappy changes, which parents can ask to see. Parents are asked to sign the nappy changing record, and a copy will be given to parents for their records.

Registration at Nursery

A parent contract is required to be signed by all parents/carers, this should be read thoroughly and then completed and returned to nursery.

All parents are required to complete the Nursery school’s registration document, this provides us with emergency contact names and numbers, doctors name and telephone number, information on inoculations and medical history. We also ask parents to sign the consent form allowing us to seek emergency medical treatment as well as consent to apply Sun Cream, change nappies, change clothing and give cuddles when your child is upset. Part of the registration document requires you to complete a ‘base line assessment’ on your child’s progress, this helps practitioners to have an understanding of their progress to date.

View Registration Document

New Starter Booking Form

Parent Contract T&Cs

Authorised Persons Form

Arrival of Children

Start time is dependent on the session to which your child is attending. Parents and carers are asked to arrive at the correct sessional times that have been booked. Any changes to your booked times need to be agreed by a staff member beforehand. All children have a name card that is on a rack in the ‘Small Hall’, parents are requested to collect the card with their child(ren), bring it to the member of staff who is registering attendance. Practitioners will record the time your child arrive and the time your child leaves.

What to Wear

In order to feel free to explore and experiment with all kinds of materials, including messy ones, it is best to send children dressed in clothes which are not too new and easily washable.

It is good for children to practise the skills that will make them independent. Simple clothing, which they can handle themselves, will enable them to go to the toilet when they want to and to put on and take off their outdoor clothes without being too dependent on other peoples help.

We also ask parents to provide plimsolls for indoor use, as we encourage children to change out of their outdoor shoes. The Nursery supply a small draw string bag (Pump bag) for your child’s items as the nursery cloakroom has limited space.

We like to play outside in all weathers, so children should be provided with appropriate outdoor clothing.

Nursery Uniform - sweatshirts and t-shirts are available for purchase.

Key Person

When a child begins Nursery School they will be allocated a key person. This simply means that each member of staff has special responsibility for a group of children across the age range. This helps to build secure relationship both with individual children and parent/carers ensuring, that in a large group each individual child’s needs are met. The care of the children is the responsibility of all members of staff; children will not only be looked after by their Key Person.

If a parent needs to discuss any issue relating to their child, the key person will be the first point of contact. The key person also has responsibility for making assessments and undertaking child observations that form an element of the termly/end of year reports. Information on occasions will be shared with other professionals, schools etc. Permission will always be sought beforehand.


You will be invoiced monthly. The preferred method of payment is by standing order "Bacs transfer" direct into our bank account, we also accept childcare vouchers. In order to keep your child’s place at nursery there can be no reductions or refunds if your child is sick or on holiday. We do not charge for Bank Holidays.

Educational Funding

Families with a two-year-old child, who are accessing certain benefits, are able to have a funded. Early Years place for up to 15 hours per week.

The term following a child’s third birthday universal funding for all 3 and 4 years old is available to fund nursery places for up to 15 hours a week.

There is an additional 15 hours of extended funding available subject to a criterion being met, giving a total of 30 hours maximum funding allowance. Barkston Ash Nursery is registered to provide places under this scheme. All additional sessions above the funded amounts will be charged separately.

Security & Safeguarding

We take the safety of all children in our care of the upmost importance. We have systems in place to ensure that all children feel safe.

Only authorised people will be able to collect your child and who have been specified on the 'authorised persons to collect children form' which includes photographs. These are the guidelines we must follow to ensure your child’s safety. In the event of an emergency, and a person unknown to staff attempts to collect your child, they will be asked to provide staff on duty with the password that you have given on the registration document.

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Healthy Eating

At Barkston Ash Nursery we support healthy eating and oral health, which go hand in hand.

Healthy Eating - Healthy Body, Happy Me

We provide Fun Activity pack to support healthy eating and Oral health, this is an example of healthy foods we provide at snack time followed by children making their own fruit kebabs for snack.

Food activity ideas for families

A-Z guide to nutrition and hydration in the early years

Build a strong immune system: myth vs fact

Session Times & Costs

Nursery school is open every day during school term-times.

Additional Charges

If your child requires breakfast when they arrrive after 8:30 you will be charged £1.00.

Your monthly invoice will also include a standing £6 charge towards snacks, baking activities and local visits.

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