Healthy Eating

At Barkston Ash Nursery we support healthy eating and oral health, which go hand in hand.

Healthy Eating - Healthy Body, Happy Me

We provide Fun Activity pack to support healthy eating and Oral health, this is an example of healthy foods we provide at snack time followed by children making their own fruit kebabs for snack.

To support healthy eating we have put together a 'Healthy Living' bag, which consists of a book about healthy eating, oral health book a choice of a physical activity such as bat and ball and a choice of game, e.g lunch box game.


Children will have free choice from the extensive range of core provision that we have on offer each day. This allows children to follow their own interests by selecting and using the broad range of curricular activities both inside and outside.

We enhance these activities with adult focused activities following the children’s interests. We try not to break children off from an activity which they are involved in and allow them to naturally flow from one provision zone to another.

Snack Time

We offer a Café style snack time, which is available to all the children from 9.45am – 10.30am daily. All the children receive a healthy snack with milk, and water is freely available throughout the day. We have a menu plan which the children help put together, which provides them with the opportunity to choose snacks that they enjoy.

We provide a fruit bowl and support ‘Healthy Eating’ and ask that children do not bring sweets, chocolate or sugary drinks into nursery.

For more information, go to NHS 'Change 4 Life' -

Circle Time

This is a time where the setting comes together, either as a whole group or split into two groups for story time and group share time. Practitioners will often use “Emily” the puppet to engage with the children.

Children who need support with this activity will be given this. Practitioners not involved in circle time supervise those children still engaged in alternative activities.

Home Time Song

This is a whole group activity for about 10mins before lunchtime. Those children who go home at lunchtime wait for collection in the small hall whilst we set the room ready for the children staying for lunch. The above routines are mirrored for the afternoon sessions. All children have free choice to join in these activities.

Role of the Parents & Carers

Our nursery recognises parents as the first and most important educators of young children. Our Nursery School aims to support parents in all aspects of the education and care that we provide for your child. All parents and guardians are warmly welcomed to:

  • Work in the group with the children
  • Assist with special work projects
  • Attend outings and activities away from the setting
  • Attend training courses and workshops as appropriate

Children's Learning Journey

Our high staff ratio's enable us to implement an excellent record keeping system in which observations and assessments of the children in the group are used as a basis for drawing up a curriculum to extend children’s learning opportunities. Children’s Learning Journeys are designed to build up a picture of a child’s achievements and development during their time at Nursery.

Parents can access their child’s learning Journey at any time during nursery however, the learning journeys are also sent home during the Autumn, Spring and Summer term; we encourage parents to complete an observation at home and include any special activities, events and photographs which will help your child’s key person plan activities linked to interests at home; these are seen as valuable contributions to your child’s learning and development. An end of term summary report is added each term.

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