Healthy Eating

The children making fruit and jelly, cutting the jelly and chopping the fruit.

Eating Responsibly

Banana bread, and washing up after!

Kings Coronation

Healthy Eating

The children making their own fruit kebabs and also our cafe style snack table.

Halloween 2023

We hosted our very own halloween party, however we still promoted healthy eating by making fruit kebabs, pasta and jelly.

Exploring Faith

Celebrating Diwali - the festival of light

Oral Health

The dentist from Sherburn visited the children to talk about Oral Health, and gave the children a special tablet which shows where all the plaque is on the teeth.

Healthy Eating: Local Farm

The local farmer kindly let the children go and pick their own vegetables, we then cooked them and made a dinner for them all using the vegetable they had picked.

Healthy Eating: Pumpkins

The children went for a walk to the local farmers field to look and pick pumpkins, we then cut out the pumpkins for Halloween and also made pumpkin soup.

Healthy Eating: Fresh Vegetables

Visiting the local supermarket and library in Sherburn using the bus. The children looked at the different fresh vegetables, guessing what they were and talking about where they come from. When visiting the library some children had brought books to change, whilst others enjoyed reading the different books.

Secret Garden

Our very own secret garden for the children to enjoy and explore.


The children helped feed and take care of the lambs from our local farm, April 2021.

Pumpkin Picking

Our children enjoyed pumpkin picking from a local farmer, November 2020.

Autumn 2020 Term Topic: 'Under the Sea'

Some artwork from our children.

Healthy Food Or Not

A guide created by our children.

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